Dreamt on the deep appreciation of textiles and the love of upcycling, Anna Tyrrell is piecing together her passions in an ethical fashion journey.

With a love of 70's silhouettes, print on print and fine fabrics, Anna incorporates nostalgia with a pursuit to utilise vintage and remnant cloth.

The value of every person involved in the manufacturing is a priority, this includes the delicate balance of growing Rosa Paloma slowly alongside a busy household of boys.

Anna lives in Adelaide with her husband and three boys.

Conscious Manufacturing

Rosa Paloma is a proud brand partner to TTK Collective, a Noosa based group with a sustainable and slow approach to manufacturing.

Transparency and breathing new life into deadstock fabrics with sustainable living wages to seamstresses is our highest priority and the essence of how we produce Rosa Paloma.

Rosa Paloma is aware of our fashion footprint and committed to designing colourful garments invoking confidence and joy, on the foundation that we tread lightly and intentionally on this beautiful planet, and with utmost respect for the people who work across all stages of manufacturing process.